Singular IT, LLC

Consulting for the Future


Thanks to a hosting provider destroying the foundation for the contact page's functionality in a disastrously mismanaged software upgrade, Singular IT will be without a contact page for a little while, and will soon be firing the hosting provider. Thank you for your understanding.

Forward-Looking IT Consulting

Our world is changing at an ever-accelerating rate, particularly where technology is a central concern. Distributed platforms, network and information security, and development processes are all matters that will increasingly require taking a fresh look at how we do things as time moves forward. More than ever, it is important to look to the future, to consider how things are changing today and will continue to change in days to come, when making decisions about your information technology plans and policies. That importance will only grow.

The mission of Singular IT, LLC is to address forward-looking information technology needs.

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The final form of this site is still in development. The following pages are available to prospective clients and curious readers in the meantime.